The future of real estate development is being redefined, with innovation and sustainability taking the front seat. One such promising innovation is smart parking. Though seemingly simple, smart parking solutions like ParkingAround have the potential to significantly amplify a property’s value while tackling urban challenges.

To step into this future, real estate developers need to understand the underlying issues of traditional parking systems. These include illegal parking, time wasted in parking searches, and environmental impact due to parking-related traffic congestion.

Innovative solutions that use IoT sensors, data analytics, and mobile apps to optimize parking resources are stepping up to tackle these issues.

Smart parking systems offer insights into usage patterns, traffic flow, and peak hours. This valuable data allows real estate developers to optimize their property’s parking policy, leading to increased property values of up to 20%. (1)

Smart parking solutions optimize parking space utilization, enabling developers to set specific rates and maximize the yield from each space. This leads to higher profitability and improved financial returns. (2)

Automated parking systems (APS) minimize the need for manual oversight and enforcement, significantly reducing labor costs associated with routine monitoring and enforcement. (3)

Through these systems, residents and visitors experience reduced stress and convenience, thus contributing positively to their satisfaction and quality of life – a key factor in the social criterion of ESG scores.

Smart parking systems allow developers to generate additional revenue from guest parking by providing designated spots and enabling visitors to pay for parking without the need to download an app. (4)

Implementing smart parking solutions also plays a critical role in boosting a building’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores. Decreased idle times, optimized parking space utilization, and improved user experience all contribute to a higher ESG score, thereby making the property more attractive to mindful investors.

Smart parking systems can be designed as mobility hubs, future-proofing the property and ensuring its adaptability to changing transportation trends and technologies.


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