Many urban hotels face the common challenge of optimizing their parking spaces, especially during off-peak seasons. These valuable parking assets often sit underutilized, representing missed opportunities to enhance guest satisfaction and boost revenue. But what if these underutilized spaces could be transformed into profitable opportunities? This is where ParkingAround helps.

Parking in urban areas is notoriously challenging, not just for residents but also for visitors. With limited spaces and high demand, it’s no wonder that parking woes rank high on the list of urban grievances. Hotels, especially those in city centers, often have valuable parking real estate that sits empty during off-peak times. According to a report by Statista, nearly 60% of urban hotels experience fluctuating parking occupancy rates, with occupancy dropping as low as 40% during off-peak seasons. (1) This leads to significant potential revenue loss for hotels.

Imagine turning those empty parking spots into a steady stream of income. With ParkingAround, hotels can easily rent their unused spaces to nearby residents, office workers, or businesses. Whether it’s during the off-season or on weekdays when guest traffic is lower, these spaces can serve the community and boost the hotel’s bottom line. Hotels in urban areas are able to increase their parking revenue by 30% during the off-season by renting out spaces through the smart share parking app. (2)

Clients can prebook parking spots in advance – the same concept showcased with hospitals works for any hospitality venue, hotels included.

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is on the rise, and the demand for charging stations increases with it. Many hotels have invested in EV chargers for their guests, but these stations often sit idle. Hotels can attract local EV owners and generate additional revenue by renting out EV charging spots during low-occupancy periods. ParkingAround’s smart system ensures these transactions are seamless and secure.

To make the most of these opportunities, hotels need to understand their parking lot utilization. When are the peaks? When do the spaces sit empty? Are there any patterns? ParkingAround provides real-time data and insights, enabling hotel managers to make informed decisions about their parking assets. This data-driven approach allows hotels to dynamically adjust their parking strategies to maximize revenue.

Utilize the potential of the parking spots to the maximum by renting them out if not occupied via ParkingAround

ParkingAround’s solution integrates effortlessly with existing hotel operations. Real-time monitoring and IoT integration mean that hotel managers can track parking availability, manage reservations, and enforce parking rules with ease. It’s a hassle-free way to optimize parking usage and enhance guest satisfaction.

ParkingAround’s smart parking system is not just about maximizing revenue but also ensuring safety and convenience. Integrated with advanced IoT devices, it provides enhanced security measures and strict enforcement of parking policies, ensuring a seamless experience for both hotel guests and external users.

ANPR cameras detect whether an authorized car is parking at the spot

With ParkingAround, urban hotels can turn parking challenges into opportunities. By understanding and optimizing parking lot utilization, offering EV charging solutions, and renting out spaces during off-peak times, hotels can enhance their revenue streams while providing valuable services to the community.

Ready to unlock the potential of your parking assets? Join the many other hotel managers in transforming parking from a cost center to a profit generator with ParkingAround.



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