Does the daily hunt for parking sap your employees’ energy even before they clock in? More importantly, could the cure to your parking woes also drive employee satisfaction? A struggle that starts in the parking lot doesn’t stay there.

The stress from searching for a parking spot spills into the office, manifesting as decreased focus, irritability, and overall reduced mental well-being. Employees preoccupied with parking struggle to concentrate on their tasks, plunging productivity. Constant parking-related stress can lead to dissatisfaction with the work environment. It chips away at morale, drains motivation, and douses engagement.

This makes parking management an unlikely but effective tool to boost employee satisfaction. Here’s how ParkingAround fits into your employee wellness strategy:

Imagine a workday morning where no one wrestles with finding a parking spot. With ParkingAround, employees can pre-book spots and simply sail into work. No more stressful mornings, no more late arrivals because the parking lot was full.

In a dynamic workplace, parking needs can change within a matter of minutes. Meetings get rescheduled, and colleagues may need to leave for sudden emergencies or work from home – leading to vacant parking spots. Even short-term visitors like clients or vendors could need a spot for a few hours. How can we ensure that these vacancies don’t go to waste?

With ParkingAround’s real-time updates and easy reservation system, parking spaces can be fully utilized by allowing employees to share spots flexibly. Suppose an employee has to dash out unexpectedly for a doctor’s appointment. In that case, their parking spot instantly goes back into the ‘parking pool’ and becomes available for others to use, avoiding unnecessary downtime and optimally using resources.

This level of control and flexibility not only ensures efficient use of space but also fosters a sense of collaboration among employees. It reassures them that their needs are accounted for, and the system is working to reduce their stress, not add to it.

Poorly lit parking lots and lack of CCTV coverage can turn parking lots into hotspots of insecurity. With its integrated ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, ParkingAround dispels these fears. Its license plate recognition ensures that only authorized vehicles access the parking area, creating a safer environment for your employees’ vehicles.


ANPR technology isn’t just about security. It’s also about ensuring fair play in the parking lot. When a vehicle parks in an unauthorized spot, the system is quick to flag it.

How? Each car park space is designated to a specific license plate. When a car parks in a spot not assigned to its license plate, our IoT parking system identifies the anomaly through the ANPR cameras. The system immediately triggers an alert, notifying the responsible parties. This could be parking enforcement officers, property management, or security personnel. It means swift action can be taken, from issuing a fine to towing the vehicle, and ensuring parking regulations are upheld.

One might wonder, how does smart parking factor into reducing carbon emissions? The answer lies in streamlined operations and data-driven strategies. Fast locating of parking spaces minimizes idle driving, which in turn cuts down on fuel waste and emissions.

In fact, a single-digitized parking space can save up to 7 tons of CO₂ annually. To bring it into perspective, a pilot project of 300 parking spaces can save up to 2100 tons of CO₂, and a parking lot with 500 spaces can cut down up to 3500 tons of CO₂ each year. (?) Imagine the potential impact as we expand these numbers to cover your entire company. It’s a win for your company, a win for your employees, and a massive win for the planet.

The surge of electric vehicle usage presents an opportunity to further enhance the appeal of your parking facilities. With the usage data made available through ParkingAround, you can plan the strategic placement of charging stations offering additional value to your employees who use EVs.

The Future of Parking is Here.

Are you In? ParkingAround is not just a parking solution but a strategic tool for employee satisfaction. Transforming daily stresses into seamless experiences places your organization on the fast lane to a happier


(?) CO2 Traffic Polution