Meet John – a regular guy who just wants to finish his shopping and get home. He’s been circling the shopping center parking lot for the last 30 minutes. Sounds familiar? As per a British Parking Association study, 40% of drivers steer clear of shopping centers due to parking woes.

Whether it’s the sky-high parking fees, the scarcity of spaces, or simply the time it takes to find a spot, parking issues have turned into a significant pain point for everyone – consumers and businesses alike. Reports from IBISWorld reveal that high parking costs and lack of available spaces top the list of consumer complaints about shopping malls. (1)

Move over to the service sector around the world, and the story is no different. According to reports, a significant percentage of drivers have experienced delays or missed appointments due to parking issues (2), affecting various services such as haircuts and health checks. Parking problems are indeed a concern that can have real-world consequences

The Consumer Insights Survey from Statista shows that nearly 50% of consumers said a lack of easy parking would dissuade them from visiting a physical store.

Credit:Parkopedia (3)

Parking problems aren’t just a personal hassle – they are having a significant impact on brick-and-mortar businesses.

The American Medical Association paints a similarly grim picture – approximately 30% of patients arriving late to medical appointments blame it on, you guessed it right, parking issues. (4)

Armed with real-time monitoring and the ability to easily integrate with IoT parking devices, this solution brings an end to the parking plight. No more guesswork is needed,ParkingAround guides drivers straight to available parking spots, reducing parking time drastically.

With our smart shared parking system, you can reserve a spot even before leaving your house. An easy reservation system means no more endless circling, and no more guessing – just click, reserve, and park. It’s that simple.

Remember gripping your steering wheel, squinting at the distant rows of parked cars, and wondering if there’s a free spot lurking somewhere? Those days are history. Our system sends real-time notifications and updates on parking availability straight to your device. It’s like having your personal parking assistant on call, 24/7.

Our smart shared parking system isn’t just about convenienc but also safety and securityo. Integrated with IoT parking devices, our system ensures strict enforcement of parking rules and provides additional security measures.

From the dreaded chore, parking has evolved into a hassle-free experience. ParkingAround, the Smart Share Parking Solution, is redefining the retail industry, making retail experience an absolute pleasure right from the moment you park.