We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone for our company: we have been selected as one of the top 10 startups for Batch IV of the prestigious RecAp – Resilient Cities Acceleration Program. This recognition underscores our position as a global player in the urban innovation and sustainability sectors.

RecAp stands as the first Resilient Cities Accelerator, aimed at bridging the gap between startups and corporations to foster the development of cities that are livable, lovable, and climate-friendly. The program is dedicated to supporting the green shift in the construction and real estate sectors, and our selection highlights our commitment to these goals.

Our participation in RecAp will allow us to scale our operations, enhance our market presence, and engage with some of the leading experts and investors in the industry. We are excited to join forces with notable corporate partners such as Revive, KBC, Vandenbussche, Eneco, Cordeel, Cresco, VGD, and PropTech Lab, as well as other innovative startups.

ParkingAround lets its client create a flexible parking pool

We believe that the solution to parking and space issues in urban areas isn’t necessarily building more infrastructure but rather maximizing the efficiency and utilization of existing resources. This approach allows one parking spot to be used by multiple people, thereby reducing the need for additional space and promoting a more communal and environmentally friendly urban environment.

The global mandate to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 is a formidable challenge, and smart PropTech applications are vital in this endeavor. Our smart share parking solutions have the potential to significantly alleviate city center traffic congestion and pollution by up to 30%. For instance, one digitalized parking space can save up to 7 tons of CO₂ annually. Implementing a smart parking pilot with 300 spaces could save up to 2100 tons of CO₂, and a larger pilot with 500 spaces could save up to 3500 tons of CO₂ each year. By guiding drivers directly to available parking spots, we drastically reduce the time spent searching for parking and, consequently, the vehicle idling time.

As we prepare to kick off this exciting phase at the Urban Tech Hub in Brussels, Belgium, on May 16th, we look forward to not only contributing our expertise but also learning and growing within this vibrant ecosystem. This is a prime opportunity to further our mission of building sustainable urban spaces that future generations will inherit.

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey to accelerate our impact on creating sustainable, resilient cities across the globe.