Think about this: Your parking spot, sitting idle while you’re away, could be earning you money. Or better yet, it could be a lifesaver for a neighbor in desperate need of parking. Enter ParkingAround.

Parking in residential areas is more than just a daily challenge. Imagine spending 30% of your time in traffic just searching for parking. Crowded city spaces turn this into an unintended daily ritual. The advent of smart parking means this is a practice we can finally put behind us.

Let’s dive into a few ways ParkingAround can transform your parking experience:

Imagine a world where you can set the rules for your parking space, share it when you’re away, and earn some extra cash. ParkingAround provides live updates about parking availability. By equipping each parking slot with IoT sensors, the system offers real-time data about which spots are vacant and for how long. No more fruitless searching or driving in circles; you’ll know exactly where to head to find an available spot.

How about the inflexibility of parking payments – the guessing game of how much time to pay for? The integrated smart payment system within ParkingAround’s app makes transactions seamless. No need for coins or cards – just a few taps on your smartphone, and you’re done. And because you only pay for the time you use, there are no worries about overpaying or being slapped with a fine for underestimating your parking duration.

Urban living comes with its unique set of challenges, one of the most pressing being the glaring mismatch between the number of vehicles on the road and the availability of parking spaces. But where others see a problem, ParkingAround sees a solution.

ParkingAround throws the traditional concept of parking out the window. Our system hinges on the concept of shared parking access. This feature allows residents to convert their personal parking spaces into shared assets when not in use, effectively increasing the number of available parking slots without the need for additional infrastructure.

The daunting possibility of vehicle theft is a reality car owners face, making security an integral aspect of any parking solution. At ParkingAround, we prioritize your peace of mind with our innovative theft protection mechanisms.

Central to our security system is the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. It continuously monitors your car’s position and any unexpected or unauthorized movement immediately triggers the system. This rapid notification can make the difference between a stolen car and a prevented theft.

Nobody likes a surprise, especially when it involves finding an unauthorized vehicle parked in their slot. With ParkingAround, this vexing occurrence becomes a thing of the past.

Our ANPR system plays a crucial role here as well. Any unauthorized vehicle that sneaks into your spot is instantly identified through its number plate, and the system sends you and the driver a prompt alert. No matter where you are, stay informed and in control.

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) signals a shift toward a more sustainable future. But with this change comes new challenges, like the insufficient number of charging stations.

Our platform integrates an easily accessible network of EV charging stations, creating a ‘charge-as-you-park’ system. Simply park your car, plug in, and let it charge while you’re away.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. ParkingAround also opens up private charging spots. This means if you’re an EV owner with a home charging station, you can list your charger on ParkingAround when it’s not in use. Not only does this increase the number of available charging points, but it can also become an extra source of income for you.

Your unused parking space can be more than just an empty spot. It can become a source of income. Lend it out when you’re away, and earn that extra cash.

The era of revolutionized residential parking is here. Are you on board? ParkingAround makes your parking space work for you. It offers the convenience, security, and flexibility that you’ve always wanted. Welcome to smarter parking. Welcome to ParkingAround.