The Download music festival in Nottinghamshire, notorious for its long queues and delays, left a sour taste for over 100,000 attendees. The culprit? Parking issues. Mismanaged parking services resulted in confusion and congestion, leading to frustration among visitors and negative press. (1)

That’s not the impression you want your guests to leave with, right?

Now let’s flip the script. What if a Smart Shared Parking Solution, ParkingAround, using IoT parking devices, were part of the solution?

Picture this: attendees have real-time updates on parking availability. No uncertainty, no endless searching—just efficient parking. IoT sensors and cameras can provide these updates, significantly reducing parking congestion.

The average time spent searching for parking is around 10 minutes, which can lead to frustration and stress.(2) Now, imagine having a digital guide leading you straight to the nearest available parking spot. No more circling around aimlessly. That’s the power of a smart parking system.

What if you could streamline parking processes, minimizing the need for manual intervention? IoT-enabled parking systems can make this a reality by reducing labor costs by up to 20%  and improving parking efficiency by up to 25%. (3) Fewer parking issues and a smoother event experience—sounds like a win-win.

As attendees, wouldn’t it be useful to know the parking situation upfront? In fact, 80% of attendees prefer real-time parking information to plan their event journey effectively, reducing parking-related stress. (4) ParkingAround can be easily integrated with other apps, including those event organizers use to streamline information and updates to guests. Easy parking could be just a matter of a few taps.

By cutting down the time spent searching for parking, smart parking systems can decrease vehicle emissions. Not only does this make parking efficient, but it also promotes eco-friendliness!

In summary, a smart parking system using IoT parking devices can significantly enhance the event experience by providing real-time parking information, optimizing the parking search, automating parking management, enhancing user experience, and promoting environmental sustainability. By adopting ParkingAround, you ensure your event is remembered for all the right reasons.