Do you spend countless hours managing parking inefficiencies? Traditional methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and often lead to disputes. Studies show that inefficient parking management can lead to a lack of efficiency and a significant loss of time for tenants. It’s estimated that a tenant can lose up to 2.5 hours per week or 6.6% of their time due to parking-related issues, which equates to over €2,500 per year in lost productivity. (1)

ParkingAround offers a smarter solution. Our IoT-based smart parking system streamlines enforcement, optimizes space allocation, and provides valuable data-driven insights to help you take control of your parking operation.

Traditional parking management faces several challenges:

  • Inefficient Enforcement: Manual enforcement is time-consuming and prone to errors. It can also lead to disputes and frustration.
  • Difficult Visitor Parking: Accommodating visitor parking can be a logistical nightmare, often requiring manual coordination and leading to confusion.
  • Lack of Real-time Data: Without real-time data on parking usage, it’s difficult to optimize parking allocation and identify areas for improvement.
  • Sustainability Concerns: Searching for parking can lead to wasted fuel and increased emissions. Traditional systems offer little to address this issue.

But what if there was a smarter way to manage parking? IoT-based smart parking systems offer a range of benefits that go beyond just saving time. They can improve security, provide valuable data on parking usage, and even contribute to a more sustainable environment.

ParkingAround streamlines the parking experience, saving time and reducing headaches for both tenants and facility managers. But the advantages extend far beyond just efficiency. Let’s delve deeper into the multifaceted benefits these innovative systems offer:

Smart parking solutions come with features like ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). ANPR cameras automatically read and recognize license plates upon entry and exit. This eliminates the need for manual checking, ensuring only authorized vehicles access the parking lot.

It also makes it easier to manage time-limited parking, as the system will automatically alert you when time is up. Enforcement becomes much simpler with digital ticketing and fee collection. If a vehicle is parked in violation of the rules, the system can automatically generate a ticket, calculate the fine and facilitate digital payment. This takes the burden off enforcement officers and also ensures that fines are paid promptly.

ParkingAround eliminates the stress of visitor parking for both visitors and facility managers. Our user-friendly app allows visitors to pre-book a parking slot in advance, guaranteeing them a spot upon arrival. This eliminates the frustration of circling for parking and ensures a smooth arrival experience for visitors. Additionally, authorized personnel within your company can also make reservations on behalf of expected visitors, providing greater flexibility and control over parking allocation. This makes the process smoother for visitors and reduces the workload for facility managers. By automating most of the parking management process, IoT-based systems free up facility management teams to focus on more strategic tasks. They also remove elements of human error and bias, leading to a fairer system for all.

Traditional parking lots rely on manual patrols or limited security cameras, creating blind spots and vulnerabilities. Smart parking systems equipped with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology continuously monitor the parking area. ANPR cameras automatically identify vehicles entering and exiting, keeping track of authorized personnel and deterring unauthorized access. This not only safeguards vehicles but also deters potential criminal activity within the parking lot.

Smart parking systems are data collection powerhouses. Sensors and cameras gather real-time information on parking occupancy, usage patterns, and even dwell times. This valuable data allows facility managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of parking needs. They can identify peak usage times, analyze underutilized areas, and optimize parking allocation strategies. This data-driven approach can significantly improve parking management efficiency in the long run.

While technology offers solutions to many parking management challenges, implementing new systems can introduce complexities. Facility managers may face challenges from choosing the right technology to defining clear goals and measuring the return on investment. Ensuring a smooth transition also requires careful consideration, as tenants need effective communication and training to embrace a new system. ParkingAround understands these concerns and strives to make the move to smart parking as effortless as possible.

Here’s how we simplify integration:

  • Broad Compatibility: Our system integrates seamlessly with most existing parking management providers. This eliminates the need for a complete system overhaul, minimizing disruption to your current operations.
  • One-Stop Shop: ParkingAround is part of a comprehensive parking ecosystem. Our sister company, Fleximodo, provides a range of IoT parking devices such as parking sensors, iPermit cards and guidance signages. This allows you to source all your parking management needs from a single, trusted source.
  • Effortless Digitization: ParkingAround seamlessly connects with Fleximodo’s IoT sensors, enabling the simple digitization of your existing parking spaces. This eliminates the need for complex installations or infrastructure upgrades.

By offering broad compatibility, a one-stop-shop approach, and effortless digitization, ParkingAround ensures a smooth transition to a smarter parking experience for everyone involved.

While the environmental impact might not be the first thing that comes to mind with parking systems, smart solutions can contribute to a greener future. Here’s how:

  • Reduced Idling: The time spent searching for parking translates to wasted fuel and increased carbon emissions. Smart parking systems help drivers locate available spaces quickly, minimizing wasted time and fuel consumption.
  • Improved Traffic Flow: Less time spent circling for parking translates to smoother traffic flow within the parking lot and surrounding areas. This reduces congestion and associated emissions.
  • Data for Sustainable Development: The data collected by smart parking systems can inform the development of sustainable parking solutions in the future. For example, insights on electric vehicle usage patterns could guide the installation of charging stations in strategic locations.

Implementing ParkingAround’s smart parking system can transform facility parking operations from a constant source of headaches into a streamlined and efficient process. Facility managers can reclaim valuable time previously spent on manual enforcement and coordination. This empowers their teams to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately improving overall facility management efficiency.

ParkingAround equips facilities with the tools and data needed to make informed decisions. Facility managers can optimize parking allocation strategies, ensuring efficient use of available space. The system also promotes responsible resource use by reducing wasted fuel and emissions associated with prolonged parking searches.

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to parking woes and embrace a smarter future for your facility?  Contact ParkingAround today to discuss how our system can help you achieve your parking management goals.